Table 1.

Study area urban green space site locations and ownership.

Site NameLocationSize (hectares)Ownership
Bender Mountain Nature Preserve39°06′05.8″ N 84°39′34.6″ W22.3Delhi Township Parks and Recreation and the Western Wildlife Corridor
Buttercup Valley Nature Preserve39°10′23.9″ N 84°32′14.3″ W10.4City of Cincinnati’s Parks system
Parkers Woods39°10′10.9″ N 84°32′11.8″ W25.6City of Cincinnati’s Parks system
Northern Undeveloped Portion of Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum39°11′01.3″ N 84°31′53.4″ W114.5Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum
Avon Woods Nature Preserve39°09′44.3″ N 84°28′54.1″ W7.8City of Cincinnati’s Parks system