Table 3.

Total unique captures for key species within the grassland reconstructions at the Schottler Wildlife Management Area south of Austin, Minnesota. Only species with a minimum of 10 captures within a year were included. CSG = cool season grass dominated fields, WSG = warm season grass dominated fields, F = forb fields lacking cup plant and compass plant, and TF = forb fields characterized by the presence of cup plant and compass plant.

2014Microtus pennsylvanicus42183116115107
Microtus ochrogaster120534
2013Microtus pennsylvanicus118021
Peromyscus sp.471410158
2012Microtus pennsylvanicus33274849183
Microtus ochrogaster26655905962
Peromyscus sp.3516199
2011Microtus pennsylvanicus385961068994
Microtus ochrogaster14929394140
2008Microtus pennsylvanicus84952248
Peromyscus sp.121812